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how it work
How We Work

Composed of experts in the events industry, Venuerific PVM is the trusted event space management of WeWork and Guoco Midtown

Join them and more PVM clients in bringing your event’s vision to life, made possible only with our premium and one-of-a-kind event solutions in Singapore. In the journey of planning and executing your event, we are with you every step of the way. PVM helps in event conceptualization, unique party programs, logistics and catering, and of course,  the best and latest cutting-edge event technology. No matter the cause for celebration — from corporate events in Singapore like award ceremonies, networking, team building and exhibitions, to unique party concepts like festivals, product launches and other gatherings — you can trust PVM.


Conceptualization and Theme Development

Brainstorming and developing the overarching concept or theme for your events. We have worked closely with our clients in ensuring that their event is expertly crafted to fit their mission and vision.


Venue Selection

Thanks to Venuerific’s plethora of event spaces and our well-connected event management team in Singapore, PVM helps in choosing an appropriate venue based on your event's requirements.


Vendor Selection and Coordination

Identifying and hiring necessary vendors (caterers, decorators, audiovisual services, etc.) and coordinating their services.


Logistics Planning

Planning transportation, parking, and other logistical aspects for your event (including getting the right licenses and permits, which we know can be a hassle).


Marketing and Promotion

Designing and implementing pre-event marketing strategies to generate awareness and attract attendees. This can include social media posts, blog promotions, and EDMs.

Events Day

Event Coordination & Venue Management

Overseeing and coordinating all aspects of the event planning process as well as securing and managing event venues, including negotiations and logistics. We have held events in Wework, Sentosa, Guoco Midtown and other major hotels.


Audio-Visual and Production Services

Providing sound, lighting, and audiovisual equipment for presentations. May it be LED walls, microphone booths, or stage spotlights, PVM will provide. PVM also closely works with expert production teams that capture still images and videos for documentation.


Event Technology Solutions

Implementing technology solutions for event registration, virtual events, or interactive experiences. Bring your event to the next level, and private venue management will lead the way.


Entertainment Booking

Securing and coordinating entertainment, such as performers, musicians, or speakers in Singapore. We can even go as far as working with dragon dancers for Chinese New Year celebrations!


Event Staffing

Hiring and managing event staff in Singapore, including ushers, greeters, and support personnel, giving you more time to network and make important appearances.

Post-Event Services

Documentation and Archiving

Archiving event materials, photos, videos, and documentation for future reference or promotional purposes. Share on social media platforms like Linkedin and Instagram and watch your reach grow.


Content Distribution

Distributing event presentations, materials, or recorded sessions to attendees or a broader audience. Because all of that documentation shouldn’t go to waste! (And to ensure a bigger, better event next time!)


Speaker and Performer Acknowledgment

Sending thank-you notes or tokens of appreciation to speakers, performers, and contributors. PVM is an expert at keeping a network — the beauty of event management in Singapore is the collaboration at the end of the day.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Here are some of the ways PVM as one of the premier event management companies in Singapore guides event planners:

Streamlined Event Planning: PVM offers a streamlined process for event planning, helping you organize and manage various aspects such as scheduling, logistics, and coordination. This simplifies the planning process and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Effective Marketing: PVM includes marketing support, helping you promote your events to a wider audience. This can involve digital marketing strategies, social media promotion, email campaigns, and other tactics to attract attendees.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): PVM typically includes CRM tools that help you manage your interactions with event attendees and potential clients. This can include tracking inquiries, managing guest lists, and staying in touch with past attendees for future events.

Data Analytics: PVM also offers data analytics tools that help you track the success of your events, gather feedback from attendees, and make data-driven decisions to improve future events.

Cost Savings: By outsourcing event management with us, you can often save on overhead costs associated with hiring and training a dedicated event team. This allows you to allocate resources more efficiently.

The process of hosting an event with Private Venue Management (PVM) and most event management companies in Singapore involves a structured approach to ensure a successful and stress-free event experience. It all begins with your initial inquiry where you reach out to us, providing details about your event needs, requirements, and aspirations. Following your inquiry, we schedule a consultation to delve deeper into your vision. During this consultation, we discuss your event's objectives, preferred date, location, guest count, and budget constraints. This valuable conversation allows us to tailor our services precisely to your unique event.

With an agreement in place, our expert team begins the meticulous event management process, which encompasses venue selection, marketing strategies, catering arrangements, logistics, and much more. On the day of your event, our team is on-site to ensure flawless execution, from setup to the event itself and any post-event activities. Following your event's conclusion, we conduct a post-event evaluation to assess its success and gather valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

The cost of hosting an event with Private Venue Management (PVM) can vary based on several factors, which is the general rule for event management companies in Singapore. First, it depends on the type and scale of your event, with larger and more complex events generally costing more. Second, the vendors and services you select from PVM play a crucial role in determining the cost. Variable costs such as venue rentals and added peripherals such as AV equipment, photography, catering, and door gifts will affect the cost of hosting an event with PVM.

Other factors such as event duration, location, guest count, customization, and additional expenses like permits and entertainment can also influence the overall cost of your event management fees. To get an accurate estimate, it's best to have a detailed discussion with us to outline your event's specifics and receive a tailored quote that aligns with your budget and objectives.

To embark on your Private Venue Management journey with Venuerific, start by reaching out to us through our website. Your initial consultation will ask you to discuss your venue's strengths and weaknesses, events team, and its booking system. Venuerific will craft a personalized management plan to suit your unique needs, encompassing services like marketing, CRM, and event coordination in Singapore. From this point forward, you'll collaborate with Venuerific's experienced team to ensure your venue's success and growth, with a dedicated partner by your side every step of the way.

For new venue business owners: Every venue has the potential for success and profitability, but not all start with the financial capacity to establish a fully staffed department. Trim your marketing expenses and streamline your operational processes while consistently generating polished, professional content that effectively reaches your target audience. Thanks to our team of experienced and strategic consultants, your venue's potential is poised to be maximized.

For established venue business owners: Ensures consistent, efficient results through our CRM tool. This not only saves you time in sales and marketing but also grants you the freedom to focus on other aspects of your venue's growth. With our experienced and dedicated team, we are committed to growing alongside you and understanding how our support today can yield fruitful results in the future, whether that's for your next venue, additional amenities, or promotional campaigns.

For venue developers: Private Venue Management by Venuerific can also be for you. Venuerific handles the most demanding tasks for you: responding to inquiries, tracking your statistics, and connecting you with potential customers who share your passion. Your role is straightforward – provide information, acquaint yourself with our user-friendly system, and focus on your venue's future.