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Venuerific’s mission is to transform underutilized spaces into thriving event venues, empowering businesses and venue owners. As a subsidiary, Private Venue Management complements this through comprehensive venue management solutions, relieving the burdens of event management, and fostering growth.

Their vision as an event management company in Singapore is to set the standard for excellence and innovation in the region, redefining the industry by seamlessly connecting businesses with event spaces, maximizing revenue potential, and unlocking venue owners' success. PVM's relentless commitment to excellence, innovation, and partnerships has made them a trusted leader in South East Asia's events industry, on a journey to realizing their vision and shaping the future of venue & event management in the region.

Your event, elevated. Your moments, cherished. PVM – where plans find their stage and occasions turn into unforgettable memories.

private venue management

Our Value


At PVM, we are dedicated to transforming underutilized spaces into thriving event venues. Our mission is to empower businesses and venue owners across South East Asia by providing comprehensive venue management solutions. We aspire to create seamless, memorable event experiences and drive revenue growth while relieving the burden of event management. PVM is committed to leading the industry, fostering partnerships, and delivering exceptional results.


Our vision at PVM is to become the foremost events venue management and operator in South East Asia, setting the standard for excellence and innovation. We envision a future where businesses can effortlessly leverage their spaces for events, maximizing revenue potential and enhancing customer satisfaction. We aim to redefine the industry through our expertise, cutting-edge methodologies, and unwavering commitment to excellence. PVM strives to be the trusted partner that unlocks the full potential of every venue owner, fostering growth, efficiency, and unparalleled success.

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